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The Subtraction of Color

"The almost musical modulation of the sign on a" continuous "pictorial surface distinguishes the current research of Maranò. The lines are arranged, intertwine, bend in an aerial space, structured by tonal bands of careful rarefaction, which carry the matter at the limits of the values of light, in the watery gray scale. It is quite evident, however, that this is not a structuralist operation: a mystical-symbolic root feeds the perceptive game. A longing for worlds "beyond", transcription states of mind guide the rhythm of the visual field. A speech, therefore, lyrical in its authentic background, with hermetic amazements and silences. "

Pietro Marino, 1969


"La Cornice" Gallery, Bari, 1969

Title: Search for Origin

Year: 1969

Dimensions: 81 x 120 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Description: The work is a canvas with a beige background characterized by a gray 'column' that develops horizontally, exhibited at the Galleria Pater in Milan in 1969. Twenty-four threads arranged in a bridge and characterized by a decreasing shape are incorporated into the gray area.

Title: Search for Origin

Year: 1965-70

Dimensions: 80 x 80 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Description: “One or more fantasy lines on a gray space just slightly veiled with a light olive-colored layer” ( Il Giornale di Pavia , Sunday 19 January 1969).

Title: Search for Origin

Year: 1964

Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Description: The work is characterized by a beige background on which a gray rectangle characterized by incised lines and an abstract design is superimposed. On the canvas were pasted some strips of medieval canvas of the same gray color.

This image gallery contains the complete list of Franca Maranò's pictorial research on "color subtraction". The images are not yet all in high resolution as this process is still ongoing. Click on the selected image to enlarge it and access the details of the work.

In 1974, at the end of the research on "color subtraction" Franca Maranò produced four "Lightbox", which summarize the visual path of her experimentation over the past ten years.


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