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The Pictorial Research

"The first of these moments is represented by those paintings, all of medium and small size, in which landscapes and still lifes seem to take shape by stains and signs

(shadows and lights) emerging from the "sensitive" backgrounds of the canvases, like luminous apparitions. They are geometric figures not yet well identified within the space, which take shape in a large and soft way, on a fabric that retains the layer without densifying it in the glazes or in a showcase surface. In these visions hinted at, by patches of light, by semicircles of signs, the handwriting never writes the image, it does not enclose it in a fully revealed organism, but remains in a sort of affectionate fabulous compromise with the stain: the composition, in some of these first abstract attempts by the artist are now organized as a whole, then a series of abstract notations and intuitions remain, as solfeggi for a definition

"Mental" within a sensitive limelight. "

Marcello Venturoli, 1964

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