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Franca Maranò

D'ARS , Domenico Cara, 1964

The first impulse of reading and interpretation before the works of Franca Maranò must simultaneously consider the sacral and expressive functions of the same, together with the very subtle and acute coloristic stripping performed on the previous figural institutions demystifying the registers of usual imaginative gestation.

The artist has completely mortified the ambitious and superficial image of a pathetic figural lyricism, with which some current trends have made relations with the world of the interior degenerate, seeking the fantastic and the magical or just the confused information and flat of the chronicle. The method of the experiment that makes a clean sweep of protests and ideological violence and the absolute conviction of the message through the conformist solutions of the image soaked in blood and technological subversion, offer Franca Maranò a new morality both in technique and in creation. It renews the climates of thought with an application rich in emotional and spiritualistic impulses which become simple sections of musical rhythms. sensitive hierarchy of veils in contemporary function and synonymously reintroduced into the ancient.

His is undoubtedly an exceptional and very sweet sympathy for solitude and exemplary silences, in coexistence with the mystic and the dimensions of his own freedom from the obvious amusements of society. even if they are sensitized by the nightmare of existential rhetoric. The pictorial confession is not for her anecdote of well-known notions and news, whose vice today more than ever testifies to a false way of transcribing objectivity. But the account of an active ecstasy with the infinite, a life pause caught in the autonomous exploration of a conceptual totality, which never involves a solution of public circularity and becomes the extreme clarity of sublime and happy meanings. The acquisition of meaning that has no quick comparisons with the current arts movement, nor abstract and preformed patterns in the cultural expressions in vogue - occurs from its syntax with fast, loose precision. Effectively antagonist of any environment that does not have suitable measures and lights, and therefore an immediate difficulty of fruition in the negative stages of external experience. His is therefore a prophetic message, and not because it can be misunderstood, but because of that exceptional reproduction of the inner sun that becomes a hosanna of the soul and a coral dream, in fever and in continuous growth. Nothing else therefore favors the knowledge of Franca Marano's work beyond the sweetness of participation, which greases with inexpressible the parable of her furrow in the box, which is deserted with deep and invulnerable solitude; it is sprinkled with the veils of a clarity whose turgidity is never a chromatic and convulsive traffic jam, but listening to and seeing peaks filled with unblemished nakedness, which does not become ashes. and drinks from the sources of the Absolute in suggestiveness that is anything but metaphorical.

This is why the discourse on his poetics is not easily understandable to the researchers of dreamlike irony events, to the realistic narrators operating on the crossroads of life of fascinations and much less to the protagonists of the visual structure tout court, who transfuse the senses of an ancestry with a contingent civilization, rather than the consolation of the unreal aspects of Being. Interesting opportunity, translated into sermo humilis by the same principle of allegory to life and immaculate poetic source, which goes beyond pain and common habits. and it becomes more and more a mirror of an available universe, as well as of that intimate transparency that does not creep in as a stylistic situation of beautiful idyll with the spectacular material. Instead, it becomes a morpheme of solitudes and mornings of memory, a calculation of monochrome coincidences, the process of which is simplified ontology. Distant from any pragmatic communicative dilemma, reflected in a regularity of metaphysical engraving, which preserves the fable of ecstasy correlated with an orderly death of symbols.

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